Surprise Flowers

I recently received a lovely and large bouquet of flowers! We have 3 cats, 2 of which love to munch on foreign green objects, soooo…..I very rarely have flowers, or plants, in the house. These are just too beautiful so I had to restart my photography training with them. I hope you find some beauty here.

Rainy Day at the Beach

Recently we had a very rainy and windy weekend, and it was glorious at the beach!

Sea lions haul out at several spots in this area.

I call this the street gull. It was sitting in the middle of the street, then started walking. But never really going anywhere.

Babies! This little guy/girl was noisily nursing. And when mom moved a bit and her flipper covered a teat, she got a gentle bite on the flipper from baby. A good mom, she moved her flipper.

One of several local hang outs. Brown pelicans are everywhere along our coast.

Sea gull on sand.

Juvenile seagull, sitting and peeping non-stop. “Mom, feed me.” Mom did not react.

Crashing waves.

A Bit of Traveling!


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Finally, a short but wonderful trip to northern Arizona.  Our stops were the Grand Canyon, Sedona and the Montezuma Castle Monument.  I apologize for the photos, as nothing can do justice to the Grand Canyon and the amazing red rocky … Continue reading

A Garden Visit


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Recently I was able to visit the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden.  There was a light rain with an overcast sky, small rain drops were on every flower.  How wonderful!  The Garden is an amazing, large, varied, and beautiful space full … Continue reading