A trip to Costa Rica


Luckily, our 2020 trip to Costa Rica finally happened in August 2021! We started in Tortuguero, on the east coast, and ended in La Fortuna, near the Arenal Volacano. It was a busy, fun and interesting trip – here are some photos that I hope you enjoy.

A scarlet macaw at a working farm that fed and cared for various wild animals. The macaws were able to freely fly and chose to ‘hang out’ at the farm.

There was a small group of capuchin monkeys at the farm as well. They too were free to move where ever they wanted .. and they stayed at the farm too.

A type of heliconia, just one of many.
One of many beautiful red flowers. This is a Brazilian red-cloak.
A poison dart frog, called blue jean poison frog because of it’s blue legs. It was just sitting along a path we were on. We saw poison dart frogs a various locations. Very exciting for me!
A very large stick insect, some specie of Paraphasma.
A close look at a beehive ginger plant. We saw many of them.
We also saw many of these spiders, golden silk spider I believe. They are very large and their webs are 3 dimensional – very impressive.
A chestnut headed oropendula, snacking!

Rainy Day at the Beach

Recently we had a very rainy and windy weekend, and it was glorious at the beach!

Sea lions haul out at several spots in this area.

I call this the street gull. It was sitting in the middle of the street, then started walking. But never really going anywhere.

Babies! This little guy/girl was noisily nursing. And when mom moved a bit and her flipper covered a teat, she got a gentle bite on the flipper from baby. A good mom, she moved her flipper.

One of several local hang outs. Brown pelicans are everywhere along our coast.

Sea gull on sand.

Juvenile seagull, sitting and peeping non-stop. “Mom, feed me.” Mom did not react.

Crashing waves.

A Bit of Traveling!


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A Garden Visit


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