Lettuce, and more!

It’s been a week since I first planted the little lettuces.  Happily, they are strong and growing.  We’ve now added corn, Swiss chard, and red bell pepper.  The corn makes me giggle.

When I think of corn in our yard it reminds me of a house that we looked at when we were buying our current house.  What a surprise!  It’s in a quiet, nice little nearby neighborhood.  We walked in and whoa! there were 5 men sitting in the living room watching a monster TV that took up one entire wall, covering the window.  The kitchen had dirty pans on the stove, greasy dishes in the sink.  The guest bathroom had a sagging ceiling.  The bedrooms seemed to all house a couple living in them.  The master bathroom had underwear hanging on the broken shower door.  Then we went to look at the yard – wow! there was corn growing.   And that’s why I now laugh to myself when I think of corn in my yard.

r:s corn DSC_0118And I have to add a picture of a flower.  I just love taking pictures of flowers.

Enjoy your day!


Lettuce, day 3

It’s day 3 after planting and I’m happy that all the lettuces are still alive!  No snails or slugs so far either.  But the pictures are not exciting, so I will wait until they all are more impressive to post more pictures.  Next planting soon – maybe some peppers?

Still alive!  And growing!

Still alive! And growing!

Hello world!


Everyone does it, let’s plant some vegetables!

I haven’t had much luck with vegetables, but it’s Spring and I must try it again.  Today we have 12 new lettuce plants in a newly turned spot outside our kitchen window.  Phew!  I hope to see them tomorrow!

Red lettuce plant!

Red lettuce plant!