Morning Seaside Views


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Recently I was able to spend a few hours at the wharf in Coupeville, WA with my camera.  Nothing was open, the sun was shining, sea birds were looking for breakfast, and few people were out walking.  It was so … Continue reading

Hazy and Sunny


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I don’t know why, but it’s been a while since I’ve taken photos.  Hmm.  So this morning I left early and went to La Jolla Cove, a lovely spot and usually quite crowded, especially during tourist season.  I was pleasantly … Continue reading

Just Briefly, Monarch Caterpillars


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I am quite amazed.  It is mid-August now and there continue to be Monarch butterflies laying eggs on the milkweed plants.  My first plant grew enough to have flowers about a month or two ago, there were many eggs which … Continue reading