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I haven’t been anywhere recently.  But the backyard has a few interesting little things, and as dusk draws near the temperature drops just enough to make it very pleasant outside.  Celebrate!  Water some plants and then take some photos!  What … Continue reading

It’s All Happening at the Zoo


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The zoo was especially busy today.  Major construction is in progress which closed off a main corridor, flowers are in bloom everywhere, and there were many, many children on school trips.  As usual, a good visit!  I hope that you … Continue reading

Death Valley (adjacent), Rhyolite


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Ghost towns always interest me.  Rhyolite was a mining boom town in Nevada, very near Death Valley, and now it is a ghost town with very few structures, or parts of structures, left.  But during it’s heyday the population was … Continue reading

Death Valley, Zabriskie Point


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I’ve just returned from a short trip to Death Valley, CA.  What an amazing place!  There is no way that these photos capture what my eyes saw, but they may help you visualize the area.  Great distances, interesting and sometimes … Continue reading

Zoo, overcast day


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At last!  I got back to the zoo, the sky was overcast but many animals were active.  Many people were there.  No matter, I love the zoo.  My goal was to create some pleasing double exposures.  Well, I’ve been away … Continue reading