Lettuce, update

Happily, the little green dot precursors to the lettuce leaf eating worms are greatly reduced.  And we have quite a few leaves large enough to put in a salad.  Yippee!  A small victory for me.

Today I also found a large grasshopper munching on a corn leaf.  Yuck all over again.  After a bit of screeching I managed to hit him to the ground with a trowel, and then finished him off.  The ants were happy, and one of the yard lizards has been hanging around too.

What can be next?

Salad from my garden!

Bugs, bees and black succulent

Bees.  Sadly, we still have essentially no bees in our yard.  This week I’ve seen a single bee on three different occasions.  Two of them were flying aimlessly and erratically around some succulents.  They avoided the flowers.  The third one was merely examining some flowers.  So sad.

Bugs.  It’s been almost 4 weeks since I planted the lettuces and 2 days ago I found the first of the yellow/green worm things eating away at the red leaf lettuce.  Yikes!  The bug battle is on!  The Swiss chard is growing well, and is showing off it’s red and yellow stems.  The corn is almost knee high, and apparently will fill out as it grows.  I added a habanero pepper and jalapeno pepper plant near the buggy red lettuces.  I hope it does what one friend said – deter the bugs.  In the meantime I examine the leaves and pick the little wormies off!

Black Beauty: really an aeonium.  I just love the way the sun shines through some of the smaller leaves in the morning.  As the plant gets more sun it turns black, so right now it’s multicolored, and what will be black now shows quite a bit of red.  Lovely.

This was a good start to a warm and sun filled day.  Hope yours was as good!  Or better!