More on the little garden


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We have replanted parts of the garden – new lettuce and corn plants.  The sun and heat is quite intense now, so at times I do cover the little plants.  The red bell peppers are finally turning red, and I’ve … Continue reading

Lettuce, update

Happily, the little green dot precursors to the lettuce leaf eating worms are greatly reduced.  And we have quite a few leaves large enough to put in a salad.  Yippee!  A small victory for me.

Today I also found a large grasshopper munching on a corn leaf.  Yuck all over again.  After a bit of screeching I managed to hit him to the ground with a trowel, and then finished him off.  The ants were happy, and one of the yard lizards has been hanging around too.

What can be next?

Salad from my garden!