Travel theme: Motion


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One more time for the travel theme that Ailsa publishes. This week it is Motion.  I do enjoy this kind of shooting, and have a few that I like and will share with you.  Keep moving!  Keep shooting!

Travel theme: Peaceful

Submitting a few shots for the Ailsa’s Travel theme: Peaceful, found at

100_0863First photo:  This is the quiet time before an Ironman Race began.  I love watching the sunrise, it is so peaceful.  And then BOOM! at this race a big cannon went off and the participants started their long day.


Second photo:  A calm area at the zoo, bamboo in a shaded area which is in front of a water display.  I always like stopping here for a few minutes.

Lincoln Park

Third photo:  Along the shore in Lincoln Park in West Seattle.  Always nice!

View towards Torrey Pines

Fourth photo:  Looking south towards Torrey Pines in San Diego.  This is the lagoon and to the right, beyond the coast highway, is the ocean.