A Short Stay at Mission Inn, Riverside, CA

Many know of and have stayed at this historic hotel.  This is what Will Rogers has said about it.  “It is the most unique hotel in America.  It is a monastery, a museum, a fine hotel, a home, a boardinghouse, a mission, an art gallery and an aviator’s shrine.”  And I say, wow.

It was exceedingly hot the 2 days we were there, so I only spent about an hour each day outside the hotel enjoying the sights.  Other than that I trekked around inside the hotel several times, finding something different around every corner.   I had to take photos.    Completely inadequate, but what else could I do?



2 thoughts on “A Short Stay at Mission Inn, Riverside, CA

    • It’s very comfortable and interesting. And yes, it is a bit expensive (to me), but we went on a special offer. We only stayed one night, and I’d love to go back. Unfortunately, it was extremely hot in August (110 to 115 degrees) so I did not get to walk around outside the hotel very much. It appeared to me that at least this part of downtown has been revitalized. I enjoyed what I did see! I would certainly recommend it.

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