Death Valley, Zabriskie Point

I’ve just returned from a short trip to Death Valley, CA.  What an amazing place!  There is no way that these photos capture what my eyes saw, but they may help you visualize the area.  Great distances, interesting and sometimes unbelievable landscapes, very few communities and buildings, desert beauty, dark night sky, and quiet.   Enjoy.


9 thoughts on “Death Valley, Zabriskie Point

  1. Many years ago my wife and I stopped at Zabriski Point on a California/Nevada vacation. Looking at the one slide I have of that stop is a great comparison to you images – but yours are stunning in quality. M 🙂

      • I put the image up on my Twitter account a few minutes ago
        and a link to your much better images for comparison. Let me know if you can see it. M 🙂 Ahh the old film days, 20 images on a $3.50 roll plus developing costs, not to be seen till developed much after getting back from vacation!

      • Aha, I just got to see your slide, nice! Thank you for doing that. And oh yes, so many many rolls of film and slides in my past. The anticipation of waiting for them to get developed … and saving so many in photo albums. Phew. But still, something tells me that I’ll soon take my film camera in for repair …. What will happen then?

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