Old Airport Park, Kona, HI

The Old Airport Recreational Park.  It is exactly what the name indicates – it used to be the airport in Kona, HI.  Now there is a new airport a bit further out of town, and I was told that the old airport area was designated as a park around 20 years ago.  Now various people create gardens and maintain ‘their’ area -.all for our pleasure, and for theirs as well.  The oval shaped garden area has a .7 mile walking path, which is well used!  Across the parking lot, at the end of which you can see markers from the old runway, is the beach.  Oh so peaceful and beautiful, with great tide pools.  Here are a few photos, I hope you enjoy them.



2 thoughts on “Old Airport Park, Kona, HI

  1. I didn’t know that they had totally converted the old airport. The new airport is kinda of a weird experience landing in the middle of the lava fields.

  2. This is the first time I’ve been to the old airport. Our friends said that for many years the area was rather neglected. But now there are volunteers who plant and maintain ‘their’ area – guess it’s been ?? 10 to 20 ?? years a-building. There is still one long landing strip, parking is on either side of it. I didn’t include the pic I took. The new airport is still quite an eye opener, all that black lava. We haven’t been to Kona for for about 5 years, and it now quite a few grasses are growing all over the place. Still surreal.

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