Just Briefly, Monarch Caterpillars

I am quite amazed.  It is mid-August now and there continue to be Monarch butterflies laying eggs on the milkweed plants.  My first plant grew enough to have flowers about a month or two ago, there were many eggs which became caterpillars, caterpillars ate absolutely everything on the plants and then disappeared.  I had thought that was the end of Monarch activity.  Oh no.  The plant came back and then another batch of eggs was laid.  Those caterpillars have been gone for about a month.  Now there’s a third “crop” of eggs and caterpillars beginning.  Today the biggest caterpillar started doing the hectic, almost frantic, crazed eating and then moving around quite fast.  This guy was about 2 inches long, it was eating everything in sight and in between munches waved it’s head around.  I now understand that this activity means the caterpillar will leave and go to find a good spot to form it’s chrysalis.  Bye, bye Big Fattie!  Good luck on becoming a butterfly!


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