Milkweed Flowers .. with ??

My one milkweed plant has been in bloom for a week or two.  I’ve not seen any butterflies, much less a monarch, anywhere near it.  Until today.  I spent over an hour watching as a monarch fluttered around it, fluttered around the yard, landed on the plant leaves, fluttered away, fluttered back, and on and on.  Excitement!

Just now I looked closely at the plant and saw small yellow ‘things’ on the flower stalks.  Then I noticed that they were moving.  What?!  So I took some photos and cropped them to better see the yellow ‘things’.  You can see the yellow things, and other dark colored ‘things’ that definitely have legs, I call them critters.  Does anyone know what these are?  Are they good or bad?  Any info would be appreciated!

Thank you.



8 thoughts on “Milkweed Flowers .. with ??

      • Not good at all… Will spread to your other plants I’m afraid… Just get that plant out of the house before it’s too late… also, leave the pot outside for a good amount of time before it comes back inside also…

  1. The aphids are a really common problem that plagues the milkweed plant. I have read a few methods to alleviate the problem. One is a pressurized spray from the nozzle of a hose to take them away in the water stream. Two is to diluted detergent into water and with a spray bottle give them a good coating of soapy water. I guess the soap is bad for them but not bad for the plant. The third option is what I am going to do when it happens to my plants, but it’s a little gross. Simply squeeze the bugs and wipe them off the plant. I hope I have some latex gloves when I do that cause I’m sure their just gross little buggers.
    Good luck!

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