More on the little garden

We have replanted parts of the garden – new lettuce and corn plants.  The sun and heat is quite intense now, so at times I do cover the little plants.  The red bell peppers are finally turning red, and I’ve learned that next year they will be in a different location so they get more sun.  The habanero pepper plant looks like a very small tree, it has branched out and shades the lettuces next to it.  But today I see that there are many peppers, which are way too hot for me!  We also have 2 jalapenos growing, I will be able to do something with them.

Just can’t wait for the lettuces to grow!  Do not like having to purchase lettuce.  Happy start to summer, everyone!

Oh, and here my first attempts with my new extension tubes – I love them!


3 thoughts on “More on the little garden

  1. Eek. Those habaneros bring back memories. I shared a garden with a neighbor years ago. He planted dozens of pepper, including habaneros, then moved away before harvest. I only used one of those little devils and all I did was cut it and wipe it across my cheese sandwich. Four hours later I accidently brushed my hand across my face. (yes, I had washed my hands. obviously not well enough.) I thought my cheek and eye were on fire.

    The rest of the habaneros were handed out to whoever passed my apartment. I made sure to give them fair warning. Haven’t touched another one since.

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