Bugs and birds

Well, I forgot to add the coots to my travel theme: motion, so thought I’d just do another post.  The coot family was quite cute, swimming in shallow water, mama diving in to get something for the chick to eat, making coot noises, and in general being adorable.  They were relatively far away for the lens I had, here are 2 cropped shots.

Here are a few little bugs I found on this ramble.  The ants were very active running up and down the tree trunk, they just wouldn’t stand still for me!  I don’t know what the bug on the white flower is, but there were 2 of them and this guy chased the other one away, then dove into the yellow center of the flower.  I’ve added a flower picture, a sweet little gazania the day before some bug or the other ate most of the petals!


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