Start of The Big Project

I have started my Big Project – review and transfer my photos from one management program to another.  I think I’ve got the basics down, but phew, what a task this is going to be.  Here are some of the first ones that have been transferred.  Hope you enjoy them.


2 thoughts on “Start of The Big Project

    • Thank you for looking at my site! And I’m glad that you like the photos. I just began using Aperture; before this it was iPhoto, which came on my Apple laptop. When I got a new camera and began taking photography classes it seemed that I needed a bit more, or a slightly different way, to organize the shots. The people who teach the classes I take use Aperture. They have so many more shots than I do! so it seemed like a viable product. I had to get a new computer a month ago and then investigated Aperture on-line, and wow! the price had gone down a lot, so I bought it. I don’t do any photoshop type things, so I can’t evaluate that aspect of Aperture.

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