Just one little kiss, please!

r:sjust one little kiss DSC_0050 - Version 2Just look at those lips!  This look lasted for a second or so … but really, what a face.  We then heard that ‘it’s that time of year’ and this guy was closely monitoring a nearby female.  But he wasn’t making this face because of the female, no, he was getting ready to swallow his cud.   Not so romantic!

the object of his attention




This girl was the object of his attention.  What a cutie!

white flower

"orchid tree" flower

This day was Panda Snow Day, we went specifically to see the pandas.  Please note  that there is not one picture of panda mom or baby.  They had an active play time right before we got to enter, and of course, babies being babies, he was now sleeping and mom was eating.

But as always, it was a lovely day to take pictures!

palms and shadow


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